As many of you know, every February 28 we celebrate a very special day for all Andalusians: the Day of Andalusia. No excuse is better to start this day with a good Andalusian breakfast.

On the occasion of this day, in this article we will talk about the traditional Andalusian breakfast,which many centers, companies and homes make on the occasion of this day.

What to have for breakfast on Andalusia Day?

An authentic Andalusian breakfast.

Bread and Oil. Also butter “colorá”, or garlic, or Iberian ham…

And it is that the Andalusians like to have a good breakfast.

In addition to being very advisable, they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Let’s talk about this custom so deeply rooted in Andalusia.

Desayuno andaluz

Desayuno andaluz

But first let’s see where this comes from…

Origen del desayuno andaluz

We find the origin of the Andalusian breakfast in the day laborers of these lands.

The day laborers of the countryside of Andalusia tried to take advantage of the few resources they had.

They had to feed themselves as well as they could to face hard days of work in the Andalusian countryside.

¿Qué lleva el desayuno andaluz?

The typical Andalusian breakfast, undoubtedly has Extra Virgin Olive Oil and bread.

Oil and bread, but the good ;).

The options of butter, butter “colorá”, tomato and ham are already of each. But extra virgin olive oil on bread can never be missing in an authentic Andalusian breakfast.

Desayuno andaluz

Desayuno andaluz

Types of breakfasts for the Day of Andalusia

Starting from EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and bread, some are the possibilities of breakfast in Andalusian ways that we are going to tell you ;).

In the gourmet oil shop Atika we warm up for this day, and we want to share with you some important breakfasts for the celebration of this day.

In all types of typical Andalusian breakfasts good bread must be accompanied, as a base, by a suitable toast.

We can say that we start from an Andalusian toast is the basis of any type of typical Andalusian breakfast.

Desayuno andaluz de pan y aceite

We highlight our favorite breakfast and perhaps the most traditional and typical: toasted bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It can be consumed without anything else, or in other ways: with sugar, with salt or with garlic spread on the bread.

In the Atika Oil Store we tell you below how to enjoy, in a unique way, this second breakfast option.

And it is that to enjoy even more of this moment of the day, nothing better than to accompany it with a quality product, such as the Extra Virgin Olive Oils that we have in our online oil store.

We propose the traditional, which does not need anything else to enjoy a unique flavor.

For those who are looking for a special oil, with another flavor, we recommend our Macerated Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Scorpion Chile, with a spicy touch that will brighten up your mornings.

Desayuno andaluz con pan, aceite y ajo.

At ATIKA, we are the only producers of authentic macerated extra virgin olive oil. We made our dream of achieving it come true and we always offer you the possibility to delight it.

But now we are talking about the genuine Andalusian breakfast. An Andalusian breakfast appreciated throughout the world.

Although bread and EVOO are the protagonists of breakfast in southern Spain, the delicacy can always improve in some palates with garlic.

You may also be interested in our article ” The Maceration of EVOO”

Yes, purple garlic, and at ATIKA we make it very easy for you.

Because you can always rub garlic on bread, but what if the oil had already impregnated (macerated) garlic, in this case purple, through a unique maceration procedure that we carry out in ATIKA.

It is up to you alone to prove it…

Andalusian breakfast of bread with butter colorá

Bread with butter consists of toasted bread and lard colorá,which consists of an orange lard, mainly because of the paprika it has among its ingredients.

Butter and “colorá” butter is typical of southern Spain, not only in Andalusia, but also of our neighbors in Extremadura.

Andalusian breakfast of bread, olive oil and Iberian ham

La versión de un desayuno andaluz VIPs ¿verdad?. Buen pan, auténtico aceite de oliva virgen extra, y un extraordinario jamón ibérico de nuestras tierras. 

El gusto está asegurado y es muy frecuente en bares, hoteles y restaurantes de tierras andaluzas ver disfrutar de este desayuno del sur.

La receta de este desayuno andaluz es muy sencilla, buena materia prima, y a disfrutar ;)

Andalusian bread breakfast with oil and sugar

Aunque en otras partes de España, pueda resultar extraño, el pan con aceite y aceite y azúcar es frecuente entre los gustos de los andaluces para desayunar. 

Es de esas cosas que si no las conoces te sorprenden. 

Una receta para desayunar tan simple como exquisita. Si no lo has probado te animamos a que no tardes en hacerlo, te sorprenderá gratamente.

Typical breakfast of Spain

Como hemos visto, algunas de las variantes de los desayunos típicos andaluces son, a su vez, desayunos típicos españoles. Si bien en una carta española de desayunos no puede faltar el café con leche, el zumo de naranja. También podemos encontrar croasanes y magdalenas. Según zonas de España se hacen indispensables los churros y porras.

Pero… una buena tostada con aceite de oliva virgen extra andaluz es lo más ;) ¿no creéis?

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