What is EVOO?. Don’t know what EVOO means?

We’re going to explain it to you.

Surely you are a great lover of virgin olive oil if you are reading this.

In this article we are going to tell you many things.

We will see what EVOO is and we will point out what macerated EVOO is.

Well, the initials EVOO refer to Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

EVOO is an abbreviation to refer to the best of olive oils, extra virgins, such as ATIKA’s. Only we offer it to you authentically macerated. In addition, you can enjoy organic EVOO if you are committed, like us, to the environment and your health.

EVOO and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the same. We increasingly use the term EVOO for a reason of economy of language and for the increasingly widespread application of the term EVOO itself.

What is EVOO?

Also in English there is the abbreviation of extra virgin olive oil.

In English, the initials would correspond to EVOO, which comes for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These terms are becoming increasingly popular in publications and the most demanding consumers of olive oil. In Spanish, in English, universally, the recognition of the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil is total.

Is all olive oil EVOO?

No, all olive oil is not EVOO, only extra virgin, the highest quality.

EVOO is the olive oil with the best properties and the strictest production process.

EVOO only refers, on the other hand, to olive oil, which is the best of the oils compared to others such as palm or sunflower, for example.

When it comes to EVOO, the qualities of the olives are also the best. To achieve EVOO, the processes of obtaining are also the strictest, all of them focused on quality.

EVOO is the best olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the best quality olive oil.

Olive oils, to be extra virgin must have an acidity that does not exceed 0.8..

Olive oils will be better when they have less acidity. EVOO, due to its organoleptic properties, is, in all likelihood, one of the healthiest vegetable fats that can be consumed.

EVOOs, therefore, have higher concentrations of natural compound, for example oleocanthal or oleupein. These are the ones that make that sensation in the mouth spicy and bitter tones.

EVOO in cooking: Which olive oil is best for cooking?

There are many varieties of EVOO. Extra virgin olive oils that we can classify according to their olive variety and origin.

But here we are going to go a step further.

We will always advise an extra virgin olive oil in your kitchen. To fry or season your dishes. EVOO is one of the flags of Spanish gastronomy. Olive oil is a guarantee of quality, especially when we refer to extra virgins.

But do you want to succeed in your kitchen? Then try with organic macerated EVOOS from ATIKA… you’ll see! ;)

What is the best type of extra virgin olive oil for cooking

Surely you can read a lot about EVOO out there. But we are going to tell you about an authentically special one. An organic macerated extra virgin olive oil.

Yes, you read that right, you won’t know much about it because it’s unique. In ATIKA we have developed an EVOO macerated with purple garlic or scorpion chili, and organic. Now you can surprise your guests with something they won’t find anywhere.

You just have to enter
and discover it.

For stews, fried foods or raw seasoning pizzas, pastas or salads. we are the only producers of organic macerated EVOO on the market. It will not leave you indifferent.

Where can you buy organic macerated EVOO?

If you want to have the authentic extra virgin olive oil macerated and organic from the market you just have to visit our online. With a few simple clicks you will receive at home

our EVOO macerated with scorpion pepper or purple garlic.

It’s that easy. You’ll love it.

An organic Andalusian EVOO that, with a unique process, acquires all the properties through a real maceration.

We have purple garlic EVOO to give that touch of distinction in your kitchen. Also spicy extra virgin olive oil when macerated with care and affection with scorpion chili for the most daring.

What is macerated EVOO

To know more precisely what macerated EVOO is, we invite you to read our article

What is macerating extra virgin olive oil

. There we tell you everything you need to know about this exclusive and unique EVOO. A process that we have developed for the most gourmets and the most demanding palates.

Always choose extra virgin olive oil, if it can be organic better, and if it is macerated we wait for your opinion. You’re sure to love it.

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