The Day of Andalusia is approaching, a very important day for all Andalusians. It is the perfect time to reclaim our roots, customs and traditions. From the gourmet oil shop of Atika we want to highlight our local gastronomy and local products. Therefore, in today’s article, give away products from Andalusia,we will point out why giving away products from your community is a perfect option to surprise.

Andalusia as a reference of flavor

If andalusia is characterized by something, it is for being a reference in flavor. In Atika, aware of this, we produce quality products. Our oils come from the traditional cultivation of olive trees,which gives us absolute control of production and an extra affection in the collection of the olive. In our olive company of Écija we carry out totally artisanal processes, respectful with the environment and in a totally sustainable way.

What typical products of Andalusia can I give away?

If you are looking for a gift with 100% origin from Andalusia,we recommend extra virgin olive oil. It is an indispensable element of the Mediterranean diet, due to its characteristics and health benefits. Not only do we consume a quality product, but at the same time it provides well-being to our body. In Atika, continuing with this millenary tradition, we want to share with you a pack of oils to give away:

Gourmet three-bottle cases

In this case you can enjoy 3 gourmet oils with different maceration process: al Chili Scorpion,with a spicy touch; to the Mint,with a fresh aroma; and to the Purple Garlic,a perfect oil for cooking, since it is a food seasoning that enhances the flavor of the food.

case gourmet oils
Case Gourmet Oils Atika

We hope you have found our post Regala productos de Andalucía interesting and that, if you want to make an original gift or are looking for a typical product of Andalusia, you opt for the flavor and variety of oils of Atika.