¬ŅQu√© es la maceraci√≥n?, ¬Ņqu√© es macerar?

What is macerating extra virgin olive oil?

La maceración es la consecuencia o el proceso de macerar.

And macerating is leaving a solid immersed in liquid in order to soften it or produce the separation of the soluble elements.

Macerating is soaking food in liquid so that this liquid takes its flavor and is impregnated with its essence.

In the process of macerating the extracting element could be water, alcohol, vinegar or, what interests us here, oil.

This maceration process can be carried out hot or cold.

Por tanto, el proceso de maceración consiste en la extracción de los compuestos químicos de un producto en estado sólido al sumergirse en líquido durante un periodo de tiempo determinado.

¬ŅQu√© es el aceite macerado?

El aceite de oliva macerado es aquel aceite, en el caso de ATIKA¬ģ, de oliva virgen extra, que al tenerlo un determinado periodo de d√≠as con alimentos sumergidos (por ejemplo ajo morado, menta fresca o chile scorpion), adquiere sabores, aromas y propiedades de estos alimentos.

Macerar aceite de oliva de forma cont√≠nua era nuestro sue√Īo y ya se ha cumplido. En aceites ATIKA¬ģ somos los √ļnicos productores de AOVE aut√©nticamente macerado del mercado.

It is important to understand that ATIKA’s¬ģ unique process of macerating extra virgin olive oil fits exactly this definition. That is, in each case, mint, purple garlic, or scorpion chili, is effectively submerged in liquid gold for days. All in a constant movement within an exclusive process of this house.

We are talking about authentic maceration that must be differentiated from what already exists in the market as flavored olive oils.

Macerar aceite de oliva virgen extra

¬ŅQue es un aceite de oliva aromatizado?

It is important to note that, commercially, the vast majority of extra virgin olive oils “with flavor”, flavored or even called “macerated”, are actually obtained by the direct mixture of essential oils (in the best case) or chemical that gives the flavor point.

At ATIKA we carry out an authentic and unique maceration process. An exclusive procedure, and with food (scorpion chili, fresh mint or purple garlic) of the highest quality. And, as it could not be otherwise, in a gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

Diferencia entre macerar y marinar

“Marinated” and “macerated” can be confused, but it is totally different.

Marinating is dipping a certain solid food in a seasoned liquid so that it takes its flavor.

Macerating is, on the other hand, introducing a certain element into a liquid so that this liquid takes the flavor of the first.

De qué depende el macerado.

Maceration depends on several things.

Macerate depends on the amount of liquid, the amount of seasoning, and temperature among other factors.

It will also depend on the maceration of the time that is being used as well as the movement of the elements involved.

But we are going to focus on the authentic maceration of extra virgin olive oil.

Proceso de Maceración del Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

We will continue to develop what it is to macerate extra virgin olive oil. We are going to tell you about the process we carry out to macerate the EVOO (the extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality).

The ingredients for the maceration of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil are carefully selected to choose those of higher quality.

These ingredients come from our crops and once collected they are disinfected and cleaned to begin the macerationprocess.

After having cleaned these, the union occurs in mechanical devices type exclusive and unique deposits between the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the natural ingredients, always with the proportions measured and studied by our expert.

This deposit is closed where the process takes place in a constant harmonious movement and left to rest for several days.

We arrived at the end of the journey. When we have achieved the desired flavor, separate the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the ingredients. We filter to remove some remains that may have remained.

Finally, we packed giving the final result we had dreamed of so much. The authentic macerated extra virgin olive oil.

Do not wait any longer and access the online store of reference of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and dare to try our specialties in macerated oils.

AOVES macerados de la forma más auténtica en ATIKA

Here are some examples of our macerated EVOOs. We hope you like it.

AOVE macerado al ajo morado

We present the extra virgin olive oil macerated with purple garlic. Two indispensable products in Spanish cuisine united in body and soul.

Propiedades del macerado de aceite de oliva al ajo morado.

Here, to the well-known beneficial effects of EVOO we add the anti-oxidant, diuretic, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties of purple garlic. A vasodilator and stimulating garlic for our stomachs. The extraordinary garlic, which is beneficial against thrombosis and arteriosclerosis.

Olive oil macerated with purple garlic is not only a garlic-flavored oil. It is an extra virgin olive oil that incorporates the essence, properties and flavor of purple garlic itself.

Aove macerado a la menta natural

Extra Virgin Olive Oil macerated with natural mint is much more than an olive oil flavored with mint.

We have seen in this article what is the authentic maceration of a higher category oil and here we tell you what is an EVOO macerated with fresh mint.

In this authentic maceration of the oil we endow the olive oil with the active ingredient of mint, menthol, with its aroma and many of its therapeutic properties.

Propiedades del macerado de aceite de oliva a la menta

Fresh mint has, among its main nutrients, many vitamins. Mint has vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and folic acid biotin.

Mint has minerals such as magnesium, silicon, cobalt, zinc, aluminum, sodium, chromium, selenium, manganese, potassium and phosphorus.

Do not imagine what many of these properties incorporated into the essence of an extraordinary EVOO… Don’t even imagine… check it out! ;)

Aove macerado al chile scorpion

For chili lovers, spicy oil lovers. This is putting personality in your kitchen with an EVOO that has the soul of the ‘Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Rojo’ (as this variety of Chile is known).

Propiedades del macerado de aceite de oliva al chile Scorpion

Scorpion chili pepper has an active ingredient called capsaicin.

Capsaicin is what gives the characteristic spiciness to the Chili and that in ATIKA we take to Olive Oil through an exclusive maceration process.

Chile has beneficial anticancer properties. Chili has analgesic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Chili can act as collagen in the skins.

Scorpion chili pepper can reduce hypothermia through thermogenesis. It is also beneficial against herpes on lips, acne and some type of burn.

This spicy oil is one of the favorite macerated EVOO of our consumers.

ATIKA: La auténtica maceración del Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

The exclusive maceration process of EVOO that we carry out at Aceites ATIKA is authentic for several reasons:

  • No utilizamos esencias.
  • No utilizamos aditivos.
  • No utilizamos qu√≠micos.
  • La maceraci√≥n se produce de forma absolutamente natural.
  • Todo el proceso se desarrolla de manera artesanal.

The result or can be other than a natural product, made with raw material of the highest quality. Made with all the care, affection, and enthusiasm that special things require… Because special are our macerated EVOOs… The tests?;)

Test your toast, your pasta, your salads, meat and fish… Test your imagination with the only authentically macerated olive oil, ATIKA’s¬ģ.

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