Organic Food Iberia 2022, the Ecological Fair

Organic Food Iberia 2022 is the benchmark ecological fair for the organic sector held in the peninsula, specifically in Madrid.

It is one of the biggest events, of all those that take place, aimed at professionals in the organic sectors in the Iberian Peninsula.

Dates of Organic Food Iberia 2022

When is Organic Food Iberia 2022? We’ll tell you.

On Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June 2022, at IFEMA (Madrid), Aceites ATIKA® awaits you in this showcase, Organic Food Iberia, the most important in the organic sector in Spain and Portugal.

Organic Food Iberia 2022 edition schedule

The opening hours will be, Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June from 9:30 a.m. to 19:00h.

We are waiting for you all at stand 7F24C of ATIKA® Oils

ATIKA® oils at the Ecological Fair of reference.

Organic food iberia 2022

Organic food iberia 2022

In Aceites ATIKA® we are unique for our system of obtaining oil maceration . We bet on a macerated on the basis of an extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

But, in addition, in 2022 we present our Macerated Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Organic macerated EVOO or purple garlic, or Scorpion Chile.

We are talking about two EVOOs authentically macerated in a totally natural way. Extra virgin olive oil 100% ECO garlic or spicy.

Two oils of superior quality, and with an overwhelming personality that we are pleased to present at Organic Food Iberia.

We are waiting for you at STAND 7F24C, in Ifema, Madrid.

The most important ecological fair in Spain and Portugal

We had to be at the most important ecological fair in Spain and Portugal.

This showcase is a benchmark in the organic sector that has more than 600 organic companies exhibiting.

This ecological fair in Madrid receives more than 7,000 visitors including experts, professionals from different fields and sectors of ecology, distributors of organic products and organic producers.

2022: Data on the ecological surface, a fashion need…

Ecology is fashionable. A social awareness towards a more sustainable world makes organic fashionable. Here are some facts that show this:

  • The world’s ecological area has grown by 3.5% in the last year.
  • In Europe, 23% of the cultivated area corresponds to organic farming, only surpassed by Australia with 48%.
  • Spain occupies the 6th country in the world in ecological area with 2,440,000 ha.
  • In Spain, the organic area under cultivation has increased by 21% in the last decade. 10% of the UAA in the country is organic.
  • In the last five years, operators in the organic sector have increased by 26% in Spain.
  • The olive grove is the main organic crop in Spain with 222,723 ha.
  • The global organic market has an increase of 13%.

For this reason, out of conviction, and because it is necessary, from ATIKA® Oils we bet on a unique, ecological product, and of the highest quality with our macerated extra virgin olive oils.

Visit us at the organic fair Organic Food Iberia in Madrid. Our organic EVOO macerated with purple garlic and scorpion chili will naturally surprise you.

Organic EVOO macerated at Organic Food Iberia

From Aceites ATIKA we present at the leading organic fair in the sector, the new (and unique) organic extra virgin olive oils authentically macerated.

We are confident of the success of this goal.

We are convinced that having achieved the goal of being the only producers of macerated EVOO is culminated, now, with this ORGANIC macerated EVOO.

We are sure that you will love ECO with

purple garlic


Chile Scorpion

Who doesn’t know it yet? Visit us at Organic Food Iberia or get ahead on our website