ECO Macerated EVOO with purple garlic

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Food seasoning necessary in every kitchen, giving that special smell and flavor due to allicin, this is produced by the union of the substance allicin with the enzyme allinase, it degrades and becomes allicin.

250 ml

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Allicin is present in the clove of garlic, while the enzyme alinase is in the cover of it, so for the allicin that causes the typical smell and taste of garlic to be produced, it is necessary to crush it. In our maceration of garlic oil, no essences are used, nor other systems that require chemical processes.

Once its optimum point of maceration is reached, the natural cores are removed, in this way the fermentation process is cut, prolonging the consumption time while preserving its quality. By the process used does not produce burning stomach or oral odor.

Garlic “allium sativum” has antioxidant, antiseptic, diuretic and anti-alcohol effects. Stimulates biliary and stomach secretion. As a vasolidatator it has effect against arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. Condiment necessary in every kitchen, giving that peculiar flavor.

Essential oils are not used in this process. The oil that is offered, is macerated with Purple Garlic and once reached its optimum point, the witnesses are removed, tesminating the macerate process. By the process used, do not cause burning or bad breath.


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